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Verb China offers a full suite of Chinese digital marketing services, from social and content creation to performance and paid media.

More digital, more mobile, more discerning and more experienced. Chinese consumers are some of the most tech savvy in the world. With this savviness comes increased expectations of experience, convenience and quality from a brand’s digital presence.

Linguistic and cultural differences aren’t the only challenge in the Chinese market. Its digital sector is dominated by companies that aren’t familiar to marketers in the West. We at Verb China know how to build the best strategies for brands to work within this different environment.
1.Brand Strategy

Maintaining brand integrity in a new market while juggling a portfolio of new digital platforms can be a difficult task. Verb China have a wealth of experience working with luxury brands in the west, with a team that have launched some of the world’s most recognisable brands in China. We know what it takes to take a company to market and return real ROI.

2.Social Media

Chinese social media is a different beast. From WeChat and Weibo through to RED and Douyin. Brands need to rethink publishing content, executing campaigns, engaging influencers and providing customer service. Verb China have the knowledge and experience to help your brand grow awareness and achieve returns through Chinese social media.


Search pay-per-click on Baidu, 360 and Sogou; display, banner and pre-roll ads; social ads; Verb China can handle creative, targeting and ad buy across all paid ad campaigns in China.


China’s unique search environment means the regular strategies that work on Google won’t cut it in the market. Web search, voice search, social search, in-app search, marketplace search; effective search strategies are separating globally, and no where so quickly as in China. Verb China understands the lay of the land and can help your brand gain valuable awareness, traffic and sales.


From websites right through to WeChat mini-programs. Verb China can help you strategise, design and build programs that will help your brand reach new audiences and sit within any user journey.

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